"Speak your mind" is what they say,
Patronizing, condescending, well intentioned posers,
You can tell them what you think any day,
But then you say what you feel

They ignore or blow off, they didn't want to hear,
your soul or yourself, rather you ought,
to know their opinions, that's what they prefer,
regurgitations of their thoughts

I say "Speak your soul"
Honesty's the way to go,
With yourself and with me,
How you feel is what you should be.



Time is done and it's on to me, 
So how can I reflect? 
Good friends and brothers are the shiny things of life, 
I talk, or sit and think, and slowly I dissect, 
Myself, my actions, my essence and my soul, 
Sometime silence is just as good as speech, 
Forwards and backwards and inwards I go, 
Aiming eventually to breach, 
But before I arrive, Monday does, 
Dispersal, separation, but only for a time, 
The grind restarts, the trance, the mask, 
The inevitable paradigm, 
I do my best, the weekend will come, 
But Thursday's as far as I can last.